Monday, December 1, 2014

Novelty Brooch Friday - November winners

Hi there,

This month the lovely Demure Couture donated two of her fabulous brooches to lucky winners for Novelty Brooch Friday.

I love Ashley's shop because her jewellery is fun, colourful and of course...novelty, and I think a lot of you feel the same way as there was such a great response from you all regarding her work.

Thank you Ashley again for your time, giving us an insight into your shop, work and just what a swell gal you are.

So who are those 2 lucky winners?

Congratulations @imanorbyah you have won the Mexican hat brooch!

Congratulations @goldrushvintage you have won the lobster brooch!

If you could email me at tunabake at hotmail dot com with your postal address Ashley will forward you your prizes.

I'm taking a month break from #noveltybroochfriday as I have quite a few things going on with my Etsy shop but next year (January) I'll have organised another maker or seller to speak to and arrange another brooch for another lucky brooch appreciator.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, I've had a great year speaking to makers and sellers and knowing that new brooches were joining your collections. Thank you for joining in for one day of the week, most of us wear brooches everyday but it's the one day we take the time to appreciate each others brooches through #noveltybroochfriday on Instagram.

I would also like to thank the following people for donating your time and brooches for #noveltybroochfriday this year:

Thank you

Friday, November 7, 2014

Novelty Brooch Friday - November

Happy November and happy Novelty Brooch Friday for another month! 

I am so happy this maker agreed to be showcased this month because I love her work, I have purchased 2 of her creations and pine after many more - they are gorgeous.  And to tell you the truth I really wanted to find out more about her background and her business.  

Another Australian business that gets me excited and am so pleased to bring to you....if you haven't already discovered her.  Thank you Ashley for your time and for offering 2! Brooches, so this month there will be 2 winners!!! You really are lucky ducks.

Demure Couture

When did you start your business Demure Couture and what got you interested in making jewellery? 

Firstly, thanks so much for having me for November’s feature – I’m honoured… and mega-nuts about novelty brooches (clearly!), so it’s all very exciting.
I started the line back in 2009, under Pistol Packin’ Designs, but it was quite different then. I was (and still am) mad for vintage hats; the felt, the detailing – The wackier and kitschier the better!  When I continued the line, after moving to Australia, I found the culture to be quite different and not as receptive. A lot of the feedback I was getting would relate back to horse-racing and seemed to be most acceptable during this season; a completely new concept to me, as horse-racing isn’t such an affair in California, or at least, not that I was ever aware of. I began to focus my work towards special events; custom pieces for wedding, parties, etc. Demure Couture was born.   

After many lovely, local designers began creating pieces in the same vein, I decided to expand Demure. I’d always created bits and pieces of jewellery for myself and started to explore that space further. I’m ridiculously obsessed with novelty brooches and old plastics, and pine for those hard to find Bakelite pieces. I started toying with concepts and sketches of items I loved and wanted to reproduce, and hoped there were just a few like-minded folk out there that would dig what I was doing.  Throughout these years, I’ve finally found myself in a place where I’m absolutely in love with what I’m creating and I hope that shows. I have my mits on every little piece, down to the initial sketch, to carving and casting, sanding and hand-painting, and knowing others are stoked when they receive their orders makes it all that much better!  

 Are there any themes or imagery you like to include in your designs?  If you’re familiar with my work, there’s no denying I’m heavily influenced by good ole Spaghetti Westerns and all things South of the Border! I do love a splash of tropical Hawaiian and an under-the-sea theme as well. Pretty much, if you’re looking for donkeys, sombreros and lobsters… I’m you’re gal! Ha ha 

Can you tell us a few of your favourite artists/designers and what it is about them you admire?  Ah! How much time do we have??
1930s/40s jewellery (and fashion for that matter) had this beautiful balance of structure and complete imagination!  

My biggest icons, hands down, that steady that scale would have to be Elsa Schiaparelli, Carmen Miranda, Lupe Velez, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, Nudie Cohn… the list goes on…  A few of my fave modern designers, that I seriously recommend checking out, would be: Forbidden Charm, Cork Stuff, She Accessories, Nudie Rodeo Tailors, War Path...all, seriously tops!   

Are there any materials you would like to work with that you haven't already?  I’d love to get into silver and stone work - It is an absolute craft, so I will respectfully leave that up to the pros! Ha ha  

Is there any advice you could give to someone who wants to start their own business?  Sit down and brainstorm, really nut out a vision, even if it starts out small – be sure it is something you believe in and would still want to continue doing, even if you were your only consumer. Talk to people – research your market. Be unique and true to yourself. Most of all, have fun… when the love for what you’re doing leaves, get out, or evolve! We’re always learning and growing – Allow that to reflect in your work… and don’t judge yourself too harshly when you look back.
If you’re keen to check out more of Ashley's work, you can find her here:  

Instagram: @demure_couture 

So would you like to see the the brooches you could be in the chance to win this month?
You guessed it its the lobster and the sombrero!

Thank you so much Ashley again, and remember post a picture of yourself with one of your favourite novelty brooches on any Friday in November with the hashtag #noveltybroochfriday to be in with a chance to be one of two lucky winners.

The winners will be announced on Monday 1st December.

Have a wonderful November and see you on Friday xx

Monday, November 3, 2014

Novelty Brooch Friday - October Winner

This past month has been an amazing one for me, I've quit my desk job and I travelled to Japan with a group of friends....What a month!  As well as AAAALLLL that, Kirsten of Each to Own generously offered another of her brooches to Novelty Brooch Friday to give away.

I love this 'Very Handy' brooch and now one lucky person will win it for free......

Congratulations Twinklies! If you could email me your postal address I'll pop it in the post to you toot-sweet!

See you on Friday Broochettes xxx

If you're a brooch maker/designer or vintage seller of brooches and would like to donate a beautiful brooch to the giveaway and have your shop featured, please email me with a little info about your designs and shop and hopefully i'll get you a spot on the calendar.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Novelty Brooch Friday - October

I'm sure the months are getting shorter!? It feels like September's maker was only announced a week ago, and now I am announcing October's brooch.

This month feels like a return to the beginning, that is, this maker was the person who thought Novelty Brooch Friday could really be something special and was the maker to first offer one of her creations to give away for #noveltybroochfriday here.

Kirsten of Each to Own has some really wonderful pieces in her Etsy shop, not only is she a talented woman she is one of the most generous people I have had the good fortune to meet.  

I recently bought a wonderful 'Very Handy Brooch' from Kirsten and she offered to send another one to give away! So you lucky people, fix your eyes on this fantastic brooch!

So to be in the running to win this sparkly finger-nailed beauty, just tag a photo of yourself wearing a brooch on any Friday in October on Instagram #noveltybroochfriday.

Get brooching and check out Kirsten's shop if you haven't already, its a little ray of sunshine; her work will brighten up your ears, neck, fingers and tops.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Novelty Brooch Friday - September winner

What a wonderful brooch and maker we had for September! Thank you Jennie (A Little Vintage Etsy shop) for your time and generosity and donating one of your Frida hand-sewn brooches for one lucky person to win.

And thank you everyone for joining in and showing everyone your brooches over the past month.  

The lucky winner who used the hashtag #noveltybroochfriday on Instagram on a Friday is.......

Congratulations @ashlapin!! If you could email me your postal address to Jeannie will forward you your prize.

Next month's brooch is a return to the beginning of Novelty Brooch Friday more than a year ago.  This special maker is such a generous person and a fantastic creative, stay tuned for Friday's reveal and another Novelty Brooch Friday.

If you're a brooch maker/designer or vintage seller of brooches and would like to donate a beautiful brooch to the giveaway and have your shop featured, please email me with a little info about your designs and shop and hopefully i'll get you a spot on the calendar.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Novelty Brooch Friday - September

Since the beginnings of Novelty Brooch Friday (over a year ago) the driving force behind it, other than seeing everyone's brooches, was meeting brooch makers and sellers.  There is such a passion and excitement about their craft or the selling of others craft I find so appealing.  

I don't often get to meet the generous people that answer my questions and offer one of their creations to a lucky person, but recently at a craft market Finders Keepers I was lucky enough to meet a few of the lovely ladies who I have met online.

One of those lovely ladies was Jennie, Jennie is the person behind A Little Vintage Etsy shop, specialising in soft material crafts.  I am lucky enough to own one of Jennie's Frida brooches and this month she is offering one to a lucky winner!

And so in the monthly tradition I asked Jennie to answer 5 questions about her work and shop.

When did you first discover you liked creating your work out of soft materials and sewing?

My first real discovery in textiles, was actually when my Grandmother passed away. I was given her old linen tea towels. Linen makes the best tea towels – so all my cotton ones became redundant. Then one night I decided to sew them all together to make a table cloth. The only thing was, that I didn’t have a sewing machine .. so I did it all by hand! All I can say is, it must have been a very strong urge to make that table cloth! (some of the tea towels were beautiful Laura Ashley that I had been collecting over the years in England).

Do you have reoccurring themes you like to base your works around?

For the last year or so – the main theme has been Frida Kahlo. I have made a Silk Collection of dolls, some wall hangings and of course the little thread drawn brooches. Apart from admiring Frida’s artistic talent and amazing strength of character, I think what draws me back to her is how expressive and extreme I can go with fabrics/face/jewellery etc. It’s also fun to see how each Frida turns out, as they are all recognisable as her – but none are the same! Another reoccurring theme is flora/fauna, I have always been drawn to flowers in art, let alone fabric. I remember painting a huge floral wall hanging in high school for the library – so much fun! And when I was a nanny in England for many years, one of the ladies I worked for used to pay for the flowers every week when I went to a floristry course. Then, the flowers were displayed in their home (where I lived too)! It gave me way more scope, being able to buy what ever flowers I wanted – especially in expensive London.

Can you tell us a bit about artists/crafts people you admire?

Obviously Frida Kahlo – as mentioned above.
I also admire Annemieke Mein – she is a clever textile artist who creates such amazingly realistic images – mainly of insects/fish/birds. I adore how she captures movement in her works – such an inspiration.

Are there any particular materials you like working with or would like to work with?

I love working with texture. Any fabric that has the touchy – feely element. It gives another dimension, is a lot more interesting to look at - and creates depth.

Is there any advice you could give anyone thinking about starting a business? 

Go with your instincts, there is only so much you can be told about how something should be done. I’m talking about the creative side of business. What is going to set you apart is being different. This is probably where it was a good thing that I haven’t had sewing lessons – the way I sew is not the way other people do! Which has helped me be different and original.

Thank you Jennie for your offering one of your wonderful brooches and giving us a little insight into your interests, loves and inspirations............and so here it is, the fabulous Frida brooch you could win.  Just use #noveltybroochfriday on any friday in September on Instagram and show everyone your brooches.  

See you on Friday!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Novelty Brooch Friday - August winner

This past month I offered one of my brooches to be given away as unfortunately the donator fell through at the last minute. I'm sorry I couldn't give away one of my Lea Stein's but hey! Instead, I chose this cute ballerina (who's skirt always reminds me of a sea urchin).

As an extra little treat the winner will also receive a pack of my 'Waiting' series of postcards.

Thank you everyone who has entered this past month.
I chose at random with the Random Number Generator app the winner.

And the winner is.....

@damfino, if you could email me your postal address ( I'll send you out your prize.

Next month I'm back on track with a fabulous maker of brooches, I own one of her lovely creations and have been following her a while on Instagram.  Keep a look out on Friday for the creator and brooch you could win.  Remember just use the hashtag on any Friday in September to be in with a chance and also just share your wonderful brooches.

See you on Friday.


If you're a brooch maker/ designer or vintage seller that would like to donate a beautiful brooch to our giveaway and have your shop featured, please email me with a little info about your designs and shop and hopefully I'll get you a spot on the calendar.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Novelty Brooch Friday - July winners

This month I was so lucky to have Hayley from Synergy Glass Art donate a cute iced biscuit brooch to one lucky winner of Novelty Brooch Friday, ask her a few questions about her work and her shop and get to know her a little more.  That's one of the reasons why I love organising Novelty Brooch Friday giveaways every month.  There are so many generous, creative interesting people out there and it's my pleasure to share their stories with you.

Now Hayley offered this cute brooch to a lucky winner, BUT! There are actually 2 versions of this brooch to be given away this month.  The round one and a square one WOOOHOOO! So without further ado the 2 winners (randomly chosen) are: 

Congratulations Vintagelaura and Sallysparrowpinup!!!!!  If you could email me your postal addresses to we can then forward you your prizes. 

* please note I try to be as fair as possible, I use the random number generator App and attempt to take out the shops that have started posting items from their shop to sell.

On Friday I will be announcing August's brooch maker and the brooch you could add to your collection. I'll give you a hint:


Until then keep brooching xxx

If you're a brooch maker/ designer or vintage seller that would like to donate a beautiful brooch to our giveaway and have your shop featured, please email me with a little info about your designs and shop and hopefully I'll get you a spot on the calendar.