Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sheila's a nice name

Mr Ed and I managed to escape for an afternoon over the Easter long weekend, lunch and a spot of shopping.

This is very exciting to us as we don't have any family in Melbourne so Little Miss A comes with us everywhere. But as her Grandparents are visiting we are taking advantage of the free time this gives us.

I saw this dress outside a second hand shop called Sheila's Vintage (A rack with sale items is something I don't pass by without checking out). I thought if by the end of the afternoon it is still on the rack I would buy it and luckily for me it was still there.

My mum's name is Sheila, she hates her name and always has since she moved to Australia in the 70's from the UK. You see for those people not living in Australia: Sheila is a slang term used for female/woman, not many people use it these days unless they are from the country or 'very Australian' (I don't know what I mean by that exactly, there is a lot of ambivalence about what it means to be Australian, our identity - how we perceive ourselves and how we want the world to perceive us).

Anyway I mentioned to the girl behind the till in 'Sheila's Vintage' that my mum's name is Sheila (I wasn't haggling for a discount, the dress was already only $25) and she said she loved the name and that is why she called it 'Sheila's Vintage'.

So mum, if only you could see some people love your name even if you no longer do.

Dress: Sheila's Vintage
Cardigan: Savers
Belt: ?
Shoes: Oh dear I wasn't wearing any as I just popped out before the sun went down.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break...work tomorrow boo hoo.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No more sunshine migraine

Today I managed to go into town to shop for a pair of prescription sunglasses. I have been putting it off for a long, long time but since our long drive on the weekend and the subsequent migraine I suffered from for 2 days I knew I had to buy a pair

So the sun is still out but I have to wait 1 week before I can pick them up. I don't like shopping for sunglasses, I don't know why but the ones I found are fabulous. RayBan's that are light and rectangular, which is a little different for me but I think I remember liking them.

Dress: Etsy
Cardigan: Cheap shop in my local shopping mall
Brooch: Deerfield Vintage - facebook
Shoes: Converse
Bag: TopShop (a long time ago)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A drive to pick up Little Miss A

We have my in laws staying with us for 6 weeks! That is why my posts have not been so frequent. I don't know what I'd tell them if they saw me jumping around in our back garden taking photos of myself, I don't think they would understand.

You see I haven't told anyone, not even friends that I have this blog (only Mr Ed knows). I like that it is just something that I do for myself.

So on my way to pick up Little Miss A I thought I would take the chance to take a few photos of my journey.

Autumn is finally here and the leaves are falling and changing colour. I love seasons, in Brisbane, Queensland where I grew up you don't really get that change, it is basically really hot, hot or warm.

Bad traffic, but I like listening to the radio and having a bit of time to myself while it is a full house at home.

Even though the leaves are falling from the trees we still have a lot of palm trees that stay green and survive the cold winter.

The old terrace houses that look like they are about to fall down but cost over $1,000,000 line the streets of inner Melbourne.

And of course our lovely trams that speed down tram only roads, no really they speed!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The past week has been exhausting, between working and Little Miss A throwing tantrums everyday and recovering from a cold and sorting out the house before my in-laws arrive from London for 6 weeks I seem to be ready for bed at 9pm.

But today the wind was a blowing and the the air was crisp and cool, you couldn't not feel awake and alive.

So we took out the old tomato plants and planted some broccoli and broad beans.
Our little winter crop.

Did I mention the wind was blowing.

I have fallen back in love with my Converse, I think they need replacing though...maybe a red pair next?

Dress: Vintage shop in London years ago
Cardigan: Cotton On
Shoes: Can't remember

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Mothers Day in the UK

We celebrate Mothers Day in Australia (second Sunday in May) at a different time to the UK (today). However as I hadn't posted for a few days I thought I would post a photo that Mr Ed took of Little Miss A and I the other week which I love.

The little Zumi 2 camera has a lot of quirks and a few interesting settings like the one used in this shot - 'Old_2' and it can't really cope with direct sunlight which has created this great effect.

I'm a lucky Mum.

By the way, Little Miss A's actual name is Amelie...yes, yes after the film. As soon as I saw that film I just knew if I was ever to have children and a girl I would name her Amelie.