Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A drive to pick up Little Miss A

We have my in laws staying with us for 6 weeks! That is why my posts have not been so frequent. I don't know what I'd tell them if they saw me jumping around in our back garden taking photos of myself, I don't think they would understand.

You see I haven't told anyone, not even friends that I have this blog (only Mr Ed knows). I like that it is just something that I do for myself.

So on my way to pick up Little Miss A I thought I would take the chance to take a few photos of my journey.

Autumn is finally here and the leaves are falling and changing colour. I love seasons, in Brisbane, Queensland where I grew up you don't really get that change, it is basically really hot, hot or warm.

Bad traffic, but I like listening to the radio and having a bit of time to myself while it is a full house at home.

Even though the leaves are falling from the trees we still have a lot of palm trees that stay green and survive the cold winter.

The old terrace houses that look like they are about to fall down but cost over $1,000,000 line the streets of inner Melbourne.

And of course our lovely trams that speed down tram only roads, no really they speed!

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  1. Lovely photo's. Love the look of the little terrace houses they look real cute. And the trams memories of times past there. Have a nice time with your family, dee x