Sunday, April 10, 2011


The past week has been exhausting, between working and Little Miss A throwing tantrums everyday and recovering from a cold and sorting out the house before my in-laws arrive from London for 6 weeks I seem to be ready for bed at 9pm.

But today the wind was a blowing and the the air was crisp and cool, you couldn't not feel awake and alive.

So we took out the old tomato plants and planted some broccoli and broad beans.
Our little winter crop.

Did I mention the wind was blowing.

I have fallen back in love with my Converse, I think they need replacing though...maybe a red pair next?

Dress: Vintage shop in London years ago
Cardigan: Cotton On
Shoes: Can't remember


  1. your red dress is so cheery! Perfect for these crisper autumn days! I have never found my way into a pair of converse - what keeps you coming back?

  2. I used to only wear Addidas shell toes and now I where Converse, I guess I don't like thinking too much about trainers - go into the shop say size 7 please without trying them on. They do the job when I want to go for a long walk or running errands ^U^