Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Mothers Day in the UK

We celebrate Mothers Day in Australia (second Sunday in May) at a different time to the UK (today). However as I hadn't posted for a few days I thought I would post a photo that Mr Ed took of Little Miss A and I the other week which I love.

The little Zumi 2 camera has a lot of quirks and a few interesting settings like the one used in this shot - 'Old_2' and it can't really cope with direct sunlight which has created this great effect.

I'm a lucky Mum.

By the way, Little Miss A's actual name is Amelie...yes, yes after the film. As soon as I saw that film I just knew if I was ever to have children and a girl I would name her Amelie.


  1. Such a sweet photo - love the way the light falls right on your little Miss :)

  2. awww - adorable. What a gorgeous smile!

  3. Thank you, she is a little cutie ^U^