Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've never polked a dot as spotty as this

Today I took Little Miss A to story time at the local library - it was overcast and a cool wind was-a-blow'n so it was time to get the scarves out.

I got this scarf as a belated Christmas present from a friend so I had to wait until the cooler weather, and what better combination than with more spots.

While Little Miss A was having her daytime nap the sun came out and I soaked up the heat that was radiating off of the cement in the backgarden, I new there was a reason why our back garden was cemented over.

Top: some cheap shop from my local shopping centre
Skirt: Vintage Garage
Jacket: Monk House
Scarf: Gift
Shoes: you know the label


  1. You can't go wrong with a spot ;-) i love them, you look real cute today, dee x

  2. Love it. I don't know why but you look like a superhero. In case you're wondering: It 's a good thing ;)
    Love the double dots, bright red and blue and all stars :) You can't beat all stars!

  3. Yeah! I like the idea of being a superhero, I used to want to be a japanese cartoon character when I was younger ^U^