Monday, March 21, 2011


Really? Where?

I don't see anyone nude?

Well you'd be right, It's my new Gorman shoes, nude in colour and so super fine.

The actual colour is a shade between the two photos

I think they will look even better with coloured tights for winter, come on cold weather, I'm all excited and you're still warm.

Shoes: Gorman


  1. Love'em! The seam across the front is such a lovely detail :)

  2. These shoes are amazing! Are they current stock? or did you thrift them?

  3. They are current stock ^U^ they have a higher heel version as well.I wore them to work yesterday and like all new shoes they hurt my poor feet - you just have to persevere though, don't you x

  4. You are absolutely adorable! I love love love blue skirt with your cat pin. And those shoes are so very perfect. I want a pair myself. xoxo

  5. ^U^ Jennyboo. They are very special but my feet are feeling too much of their specialness at the moment - how long does it take to break in new shoes? I can't remember.