Monday, March 21, 2011

faux fur first

I dropped off Little Miss A at playgroup this morning and drove to my favourite Savers shop to riffle through their knitted tops in search of a long sleeve cardigan, preferably cropped, red or black.

But instead I found this lovely little number for $6. I have never worn faux fur, I like it on other people but somehow I found it a little off putting. It appears that the previous owner either took very good care of it or never wore it and it fits perfectly.

My ladybird brooch has found a new home.

There were clouds in the sky this morning and a vague chill in the air so I hung it out on the line for awhile to air and just couldn't wait to wear it into town for my lunch date with a friend. (no it didn't smell, and I usually wash my op shop purchases before I wear them but I just couldn't wait this time)

I only just realised that these colours are the colours of my high school uniform - aaaaarrrrrr that really isn't a fond memory.

Dress: Frocks and Slacks
Cardigan: Savers
Brooch: Leigh Stein, gift from Mr Ed
Shoes: Retro Star


  1. being a vegetarian i can't wear fake either it just doesn't sit right with me, but it looks lovely on you. Love the brooch very cute, have a lovely week, dee x

  2. Thanks Delia, I'm getting used to it and as it is so obviously fake I'm feeling ok about it ^U^ Just worried I might get a rash from how synthetic the faux fur is. Have a lovely week to you too.