Sunday, March 13, 2011

On yer bike!!

I got my bike back from the shop yesterday. I haven't ridden her in just over 2 years; 3 months before Little Miss A was born was the last time she saw the light of day.

Today was her first outing - a ride early this morning to a cafe for some yummy pastries to celebrate her re-launch.

I took these photos after my 1 hour 5km journey, and a shower - I was absolutely exhausted and felt sick from the exercise.

I didn't realise that on the way back home the road was on a gradual slop and the wind decided to swing around and push me backwards and sideways.

But she is a little beauty and I'm off to do the same trip tomorrow, weather permitting - I could do with another almond croissant, Oh...and the exercise.

I took these photos with my Zumi 2, they are looking a little grainy so next time I'll increase the resolution. Still experimenting with my little toy.


  1. Such a pretty bike! I have totally given up on bike riding now I live on top of a hill and many many kms from work! But once I am back in biking distance - a schwinn might be on the agenda. Is it light enough for city riding?

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Yes the Schwinn is pretty good for inner city commuting, don't let my lack of stamina disway you from considering one ^U^ It's lots of fun.

  3. Great ride :) and you are looking lovely yourself too!

  4. Thank you Stef ^U^