Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cherry, Cherry

Yesterday was a public holiday so we went to St.Kilda (which is a town on the bay) we are trying to get Little Miss A used to the sand and sea, at the moment she isn't a fan.

No head but that doesn't matter - look at the dress

Anyway while we were there I wanted to pop into a vintage clothing shop I haven't been to in a long while called Frocks and Slacks. Well as expected I found 2 amazing shirt dresses and as they fit perfectly I had to purchase them and re budget for the month.

This is a shirt dress with no label but very similar to a Texas shirt dress I own but I love this colour more, oh and the waistline enables me to eat during the day.

It goes perfectly with this little necklace I purchased from Peta Pledger the other week, I seem to gravitate towards jewellery in the shape of fruit.

And because I don't have a cropped cardigan I ended up tying it at the front - on the look out for a cropped long sleeve cardigan for winter.

Dress: Frocks and Slacks

Cardigan: Savers
Necklace: Peta Pledger
Belt: from another dress

A couple of family snaps: Mr Ed and Little Miss A on the boardwalk at St. Kilda and Little Miss A not wanting to touch the sand with her hands.


  1. aahhh cute pictures. Love colours of the dress and cardi on you and love that necklace to they all suit you se well. My eldest used to hate the sand when he was little i spent many a time with a screaming baby but i got there in the end ;-)) have a lovely week, dee x

  2. Delia, yes the sand is going to be a tough one to tackle, at least she doesn't mind it on her feet now.
    Stef, yeah my heart goes a flutter when I find a dress that fits me.