Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My brooch collection

Today I took down my brooches from my felt covered cork board, the sheer weight of them all (all 82 of them!!!) I didn't realise I had that many.  So to get a good look at them I put them on a large A1 sheet of paper and in my typical organisational style proceeded to group them together by subject, and then by materials, and then by handmade, and then by well I could have gone on and on grouping them, it really made me appreciate each one again.  I hope you enjoy looking at my collection and you might have some of the same in your collections.

I find a lot of my brooches on Etsy, eBay and local Op Shops and Markets.  Some of my favourite Etsy shops to buy from and brows are: Broesj, Lucky Patina, Luxulite, Demure Couture, A Little Vintage Store, Each to Own and Curious Pip

Below I have grouped them together so you can see them a little clearer.

This is the group of animals L to R: Cockerel, poodle, frog, cat, bear, dragonfly, starfish, cat, cat in dress, wooden cat, fur cat, snail, penguin, bird, hummingbird, owl gold, owl purple, boy and girl bunnies, ladybird flat, ladybird tortoiseshell, sheep, skunk, cockatoo, scotty dog, sloth, deer, fox, lion.

This Avon duo are a couple of my favourites.  When I got them I decanted the solid perfume, 'cause it was really funky smelling.


You must have your initial in brooch form: Left is a Sarah Coventry 'C',  Middle is a Pierre Bex 'C' and well the end one isn't technically a 'C' but I thought I'd include it in this set 'cause it's pretty.

I have a few women's heads (and 1 man for measure) L to R: Clara Bow by Curious Pip, Inuit, Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World by Kate Rowland, Frida Kahlo by A Little Vintage Store, 1920s swimmer, fruit carrying lady, ceramic brooch by Min Lee (shop Minini), Ice Follies skater, Beci Orpin face, My Perfect Beau by Sophie McPike, Lady with flower.

Lately i've been collecting flowers, leaves and plants

Lots of fruit and a little veg L to R: banana (Broesj), strawberry by Sarah Coventry, apple, carrots by Demure Couture, sparkly cherries by Luxulite, pineapple (Lucky Patina), cherries by Sarah Coventry, Watermelon by Pixels and Picas, a Heinz pickle, cherries & apple & strawberry and biscuit brooch by Synergy Glass Art, ginger bread man by Avon.

The below brooches are bought direct from the maker and quite a few have been contributors to Novelty Brooch Friday L to R: Clara Bow by Curious Pip, Beci Orpin face, carrots by Demure Couture, cherries by Luxulite, biscuit by Synergy Glass Art, Rainbow by Curly Pops, Freddo Frog (can't remember the stall holder), 3x fruit by Synergy Glass Art, girl's head by Minini, My Perfect Beau by Sophie McPike, Frida Kahlo by A Little Vintage Store, Love by Gemma Jones, Bear and blue bird by Each to Own, Watermelon by Pixels and Picas.

As you might have noticed I have a weakness for certain makers of brooches, I love so many of Sarah Coventry's brooches, they are not expensive either which is a bonus, simple design and some of my favourite themes.

Lea Stein is a sought after brooch but these are expensive, I been lucky enough to receive these 2 as gifts from Ed.

For a cheaper but similar theme as Lea Stein you can't go past Erstwilder, a Melbourne company that makes stylised animals, fruit, people etc.

Its not just the subject that I look out for in the brooches I collect but the materials, I love wooden brooches from the 1940's, Bakelite and celuloide (which on the whole are a little out of my budget).

So there you go, my brooch collection which is always growing, always on the look out for something different, substantial and in a colour I don't already have. 

Do you collect brooches as well? If you have posted about your collection leave a link below as I'd love to see.

Don't forget #NoveltyBroochFriday, the hashtag that is my excuse for continuing to collection...my enabler ;)



  1. I have a few of those Avon glace pins as well and yep, the solid perfume was disgusting! Whenever I find an Avon pin I like, I always check to see if it's a glace version!

    1. They're great fun aren't they ^=^

  2. SUCH an exquisite and extensive collection!!!!
    Brooches are such a delightful, easy thing to collect.....X

    1. Thank you Helga,
      They certainly are addictive and can be not too costly :) x