Monday, March 2, 2015

Novelty Brooch Friday - February winners

February was a fantastic creative and a most generous lady, thank you Olivia for offering 2 brooches to give away.  I know a lot of you had visited Desperate Beatnik Etsy shop, but I hope for some of you it was also a pleasant introduction to her work.

So the 2 people who used the #noveltybroochfriday hashtag on a Friday in February are listed below......

Congratulations!!!! if you could email me your postal address your beautiful brooch will be sent to you (tunabake (at) hotmail (dot) com) Thank you Olivia x

Keep an eye out for March's new maker on Friday - posted here and on Instagram.
Until then......happy brooching xx

If you're a brooch maker/designer or vintage seller of brooches and would like to donate a beautiful brooch to the giveaway and have your shop featured, please email me with a little info about your designs and shop and hopefully i'll get you a spot on the calendar.  


  1. How cool I didn't even know u coujd win a brooch by participating
    Retro rover

    1. Congratulations! If you could email me your postal address your brooch will be forwarded to you straight away. Cheers, Claire