Sunday, July 3, 2011

It was my Birthday on Saturday

It started out a little early on Friday night when I met with a friend after work who was visiting from Perth - a lovely dinner at Cumulus Inc and a few glasses of wine.

In the morning we went to Heidi, a gallery and house in Heidelberg (15 min drive from Melbourne). The house and the gallery have a long documented history in Australian literature and art, at first as a home to John and Sunday Reed in the 30's and then later commissioning a gallery on the property in the 60's.

Showing a few exhibitions that we didn't know much about until we got there, Little Miss A showed an unexpected interest in the paintings and liked picking out the images she recognised.

We walked around the grounds, the kitchen gardens and sculpture garden and then had lunch in the cafe (sadly underwhelming). But the sun was out and the air was crisp and I spent the day with my little family.

I also got a lovely new edition to my jewellery collection, a little silver fox ring by Victoria Mason from Mr Ed, so lovely.

And Mr Ed also made me a delicious beetroot chocolate cake - I'm still enjoying it.

I'm a lucky girl.

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