Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from holiday

I went on holiday to Queensland to visit my parents and brother (who was also visiting from Dubai) last week. The weather was a glorious 21 degrees and sunny everyday.

On our return to Melbourne it was raining and 10 degrees and has not changed all week. I wouldn't say it was a relaxing holiday, especially with a 2 and a half year old but Mr Ed and I managed to get away twice for a coffee and see friends.

Oh and this lovely little cup is just so cute with its little umbrella lid and tea infuser. Many cups of liquorice tea have been consumed today.

A slight change in hair style, it is going to take a while to grow out my fringe but I need a change. I seem to attempt a change in hair styles every couple of years and then revert back to my old trusty fringe and bob. We'll see how long it lasts.

Tea cup: Otogicco


  1. Glad you got a bit of break! The cup is adorable - and so is the hair cut!

  2. Love the sideswepped fringe and that cup is adorable. You know I've never tasted liquorice tea. Must find some!

  3. awww i think your hair really suits you love the side fringe. Glad you had a break and managed a few hours to yourselves. Great cup and liquorice tea sounds lovely, dee x

  4. Liquorice tea is lovely, if you are in Australia you can get it from T2 it is called liquorice legs!