Sunday, May 26, 2013

An Autumn afternoon at the Convent and a spot of shopping

This week I had a chance to take a half day off of work and watch Little Miss A perform with her kinder at Abbotsford Convent, and the weather was a glorious Autumn day. 

Abbotsford Convent is an amazing public space situated on the Yarra River, close to the centre of Melbourne. 
Now made up of artists studios, a school and cafe's, art gallery and function rooms, it was built between 1900 - 1903 and its original purpose as a convent is still obvious.

The grounds are equally as beautiful. Thankfully they wrapped up filming an Ethan Hawke film by the time I went for a wonder, no I didn't see Mr Hawke, I don't know if I would recognize him? How long has it been since he's been in a decent film?

The flowers were in full bloom and the leaves so, so green and healthy. 
After a long, hot summer, seeing green lush foliage is amazing.

I tried to do my best 60's fashion pose (ha ha ha) with workmen just around the corner I did a quick timer job and ran off and up the hill.

And my shoes got very wet - must remember to scotchguard my shoes again before the wetter weather.

Then I spent the last hour or so (before I picked up Little Miss A from kinder) doing a spot of shopping.  I didn't purchase this turban and I'm a bit sad I didn't but I did find a brown felt cloche that I would get more wear out of.

It was a relaxing afternoon and so lucky the weather was an amazing, crisp Autumn day.
Here's to more.


  1. What a beautiful building and garden. I'll have to try and have a looksie when I'm in Melbourne again.

    I love your 60s pose and you're totally cute!

    1. Well next time you are down I'll drive us there, we can have a pastry & coffee, then pop up the road to Smith Street for a spot of vintage shopping :)

  2. *sigh* I love the convent. I haven't been in years, but I used to do a LOT of photo shoots there. Which is why I can always pick it up when they use it in Miss Fisher and Dr. Blake. It gets used so much in Victorian TV. Such a gorgeous building and grounds.

    That turban looks great on really should go get it!

    1. The grounds and buildings are so lovely, there is supposed to be a ghost there as well, how exciting!

      I know, I know, the turban, if it is still there after next payday I'm going to get it xx