Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Autumn afternoons in the playground with a new cloche

Today Amelie and I decided to go out for lunch after her ballet and tap class.  
I had a Reece's Pieces milkshake, holy moly it was delicious!! but I needed to walk it off, so we decided to go for a walk down the road to the playground.

I am not a fan of going to the playground ALL the time, sorry but I find it boring, but when we see a new playground we always have to investigate.

And you know what; this playground in Reservoir has got everything a 4 year old and *cough *cough slightly older person could want: swings, sea-saw, climbing frames, slides and pretend shops.

I don't think the average person quite understands the effort that goes into buliding playgrounds accessible to all ages, and most often communities come together to make sure everyone is able to access them. 

Recently Mr Ed was on a community committee to assist in the redevelopment of our local park and it's hard work, and a lot of toing and froing with the council.

I got to wear my new felt cloche, it actually has a nice satin ribon and bow at the back and fits perfectly (I have a large head)

I did get time to relax a little.  Oh and yes, as every parent knows - sensible footwear is a must when your gallivanting around playgrounds and jumping rocks and collecting gum nuts (the old trusty Campers).

This little park next to JE Moore Park and Preston Cricket Club is cute and just across the road is Edwardes Lake and Park. We'll explore that area when Mr Ed is able to join us.


  1. Love the hat so much!!!

    If your ever free on a Thursday you might want to bring her to our homeschool park day...all the way out here in Point Cook...but the park is EPIC. So epic they had to shorten the slide as teenagers went down drunk (it is not designed for big people) got up so much speed they shot out the bottom and broke limbs! Its basically a pirate ship on top of a hill with a slide running down the bottom. It's called "Bayview Park" (on the playgrounds website) but all the kids call it pirate park.

    1. Thanks, I'm lovin' this hat as well - it's very cosy for the cooler days as well.

      Unfortunately I work Thursdays but that park sounds amazing! Except for the broken limbs of course :)


  2. Love your outfit Claire! Red looks amazing on you and your cloche is adorable.
    (I also like to partake in some park slide fun… sometimes… ;)

    1. Swings and slides are my favourite - I feel more comfortable on them when there are no children in the park, I don't want to cramp their style :)

  3. Great outfit, especially digging the brooch. Love a little bit of park swing and slide play, but totally agree that you can really only do SO much of it before its a little boring :-)

    1. Thank you, I think this brooch is my favourite (my husband bought it for me many years ago after I would stop every time we passed the shop that sold Lea Stein brooches - I think he got the not so subtle hint) :)