Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A shop with the lot - Gleaners Inc.

Someone got a super-duper treat today! From a wonderful shop that beholds some treats you might find familiar.

As most of you know Erin and I run Novelty Brooch Friday and this month the brooch that was so kindly donated to give away was from Liz of Betty Jo. Selling her adorable lino brooches from her treasure trove of a shop Gleaners Inc. she also sells other lovely handmade and vintage goodies fit for a good rummage.

Today I finally got around to visiting her fantastic shop tucked away down a street off of Sydney Road in Brunswick, and it was the first time I had met the lovely Liz in person.

What a wonderful shop, the kind of shop I love to visit. Full of the best kind of treats old and new. 

One of Liz's lino creations.

Oh lookey here, it's Each to Own's brooches!! Ready to pick up and take home.

So don't forget Novelty brooch Friday this week to win one of Liz's unique brooches and if you're in town do drop into Gleaners Inc, just don't forget to bring your purse 'cause you'll want to take everything home.