Sunday, July 7, 2013

Copycat - thumb in mouth

This week I'm taking a risk copying Miss 'icon of the 60s' Twiggy but I thought it would be a simple pose for a Sunday afternoon with no messing around with too many props. ha ha ha yes well again I was wrong.

Shoulders BACK! Thumb IN! No OUT! No chin out! Aaarrrrr!!!! Now where is the light supposed to be coming from? Get the torch! Amelie hold the torch and shine it directly at mum's face......wHAT??!

I like this one a lot, I even managed to add text in 'paint' woohoo, I knew that free program would come in handy.

Out take of the week was my ode to avant garde performance art - I call this one 'get that torch out of my eyes please'

original image found on Pinterest here

Did I get this one right? Let me know what you think, Claire x


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously loving this series (this one is especially amazing!)...especially the out takes.

    1. It's become a fun Sunday activity now and Amelie wants to join in but really thinks we are a bit strange ^=^

  2. Another awesome photo!
    PS Are you wearing a top back to front?

    1. Yes I am, it was the only thing I could think of with a similar collar - but sssshhhh no one else has noticed ^=^