Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Novelty Brooch Friday - April winner

It's still April but the last Friday in April has come to an end and that means the announcement of the winner of this months brooch.  

Thank you once again Rebekah from Forgotten Stitches for answering my questions and offering one of your gorgeous creations to one lucky winner.  This month you had a chance to win a custom made Carnival Horse brooch.

And so the winner is..........

Congratulations @samanthaskouros !!! if you could email me your postal address (tunabake at hotmail dot com) Rebekah will forward you your fantastic brooch to add to your collection.

It is always fun to showcase makers and sellers of brooches and to be able to offer a brooch to add to your collections.  

Collecting brooches is such a fun hobby, it doesn't have to be expensive and it can be a great way to support those people who continue the handmade traditions and the sellers of vintage brooches who save those brooches that might have been lost or beyond repair, back to life.

So until next Friday, keep up the brooching xx


  1. Hi there, I just came across your blog while surfing random brooch related stuff on the net....I am so very interested in participating in your novelty brooch Fridays. ....but I can see the last post from last year and I am wondering if you still have the giveaways going?....Please keep blogging ....I think what you are doing is great....keep up the good work! !!!

  2. Hi,
    Yes I no longer run Novelty Brooch Friday either the monthly giveaways or the # on Instagram - it became to hard and the # was high jacked by people promoting their own company's, which is fine, these things are organic. I still post using the # on Instagram and love wearing brooches.
    Thanks so much for your message.