Monday, June 20, 2011

Casual day

Today I've gone for swim and a sauna, went to my favourite Op shop and bought an armful of books for Little Miss A (I was lucky again this week), found a nice pair of wool crepe black trousers for me for $7, drove to the supermarket and bought ingredients for dinner tonight (olive and pea quiche) then back home to cook dinner then out again to pick up Little Miss A from Playgroup.

So today as it is so windy I thought I'd wear a pair of jeans! Ooooohh *gasp* Yes jeans. It has been busy but I've made the most of my last non-working Monday.

I will tell you one funny thing I saw at the pool today. A mum was in up to her waist (with swimmers on) but stood there cross-armed and was wearing a black, leather jacket. My neighbourhood is a little strange. Then I shared the sauna with a group of old Greek women with flannels on their heads...I've had a good day, I hope you have too.

Top: Sportsgirl
Jacket: Monkhouse
Jeans: Country Road
Shoes: K-Mart
Brooch: Peta Pledger

PS Got my hair cut on the weekend, I feel so much better ^U^

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