Sunday, June 5, 2011

It was only 3 weeks ago

Time flies by so quickly and I can't believe it was only 3 weeks ago that we were in Lorne, a small town along the Great Ocean Road.

As it was is the low-season there weren't many people on the beach, but this is the time of year I love most of all by the seaside: cold, crisp air, not many people and warm drinks indoors.


  1. You are like Ian and his mum - I always put it down to British blood. I can't stand windy days on the beach!! (although I'm not a huge beach fan on the best days either)

  2. I grew up in Brisbane so close to so many beaches which I never visited as the sun is just too strong and I get sunburnt very easily - I guess a cold, windswept beach is kind of a novelty for me, still :)