Monday, February 28, 2011

What am I doing today: eating, reading and writing

Today I bought this amazing looking cookbook to reinvigorate my interest in cooking again and also spice up my taste buds. When you are cooking everyday for a family these sorts of daily tasks can become just that, tasks. So I'm going to sit down with a nice cup of fruit tea and decide on what I am going to cook tonight, pop down to the shops and buy all of the ingredients - I'm very excited.

I was looking at some cook books by Harumi Kurihara about Japanese home cooking but they were just too meat heavy. I haven't eaten meat in 20 years.

As well as that I am going to write a few letters.

I have some beautiful matching writing paper and envelopes but last week I also bought this envelope stencil, so I'm going to make some envelopes, like the airmail envelopes you used to be able to find - envelope and paper all in one.

And read a bit more of my current book 'The Slap' Mr Ed loved it so on his recommendation I started that last week. I kinda like the fact that it is set in my neighbourhood as well.


  1. Its great to cook and feel inspired to try new recipes. I to havn't eaten meat since i was thats what 31 years blimey. Enjoy writing your letters thats such a nice thing to do people don't seem to do that anymore but its nice to recieve one, dee x

  2. Wow since you were 8, did you decide not to eat meat or was it made for you? My daughter doesn't eat meat at home ('cause I can't cook meat, I tried but it made me feel sick) but does at playgroup or if we are out. I've decided it is up to her when she is old enough to decide and at this time in her life I'm a little worried that she might not get enough protein. Are your children vegetarian Dee?