Sunday, February 6, 2011

A new lease on life

I bought this vintage dress in London a good few years ago with the intention of wearing it to my brothers wedding, however the original colour was so insipid on me (pale lemon) it sat in my wardrobe for years unworn.

Which was such a shame as I love the style and just look at those little bows!

So recently I decided to chance dying it. I can see a few places where the dye didn't take as well as others but you would have to look very carefully to notice. I was considering dying it again but I think I should just leave it alone as the colour is so lovely and the thread shows up beautifully.

I recently sent a photo of myself wearing a Peta Pledger skirt to Peta as she put out a request on facebook. If you haven't seen her clothes and designs, just have a look at her wonderful clothes, all made by her and wonderfully made.

And as a thank you she sent me these wonderful earrings she also sells, and they just happen to look very similar to a ring I own! Thank you, I love them.

Dress: Vintage form a shop in Victoria (London)
Cardigan: Savers
Belt: from another vintage dress
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Peta Pledger


  1. The colour came out brilliantly!! I love how a simple dye can completely transform a garment. I have a "to dye" box sitting waiting for me (or a cool enough day to sweat over the stove).

    Do you have any tips - how did you do it?

  2. Just beautiful :) Love the new colour!

  3. Hi Rebecca, I don't boil my clothes in the dye as I am too afraid I'll shrink them so I just put the dye in warm water (in our laundry sink) and stir it every 15 minutes until whatever time it says on the packet. Then add some salt to fix the colour and rinse in cold water. It seems to work. I saw your hand dyed dress, it looked amazing and I guess by boiling the colours would be more intense - one for me to try one day ^U^