Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh my, more paisley

So today is going to be 40 degrees! 1 degree more than yesterday. This sort of weather calls for no layers, no belts, no enclosed shoes and lots of sunscreen.

My camera was on an angle so I overcompensated a little

I bought this dress a few months ago at a small vintage fair in North Melbourne, it is such a cute little handmade dress and the colour is quite unusual, and even better it was $5!!

To my right is our little worm farm, it seems that they have been busy; eaten all the vegetables we put in there last week and are having babies - congratulations little worms.

So to prevent the dress from looking a little like a night dress (I have an irrational fear of looking like I've just stepped out of bed) I added a little scarf and brooch.

Today is a day to myself as Little Miss A is in daycare so I'm going into town to meet a friend for lunch and pick up some chocolates to send to friends.

And I just wanted to say thank you to Stef at Diversions blog for tagging me. I have been thinking about making a list of blogs I love to read on a daily basis, blogs that inspire me, and I find interesting. Make note to self, make another list (I like making lists).

Dress: vintage fair
Scarf: H&M a long time ago
Brooch: gift
Shoes: Rubi Shoes

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  1. Very cute lovely colour, have a lovely day ;-))i love lists ;-) dee x