Thursday, January 20, 2011

An exhausting week

It has been a pretty busy week, I got a job!!! Yep back to work after 2 and a half years, albeit 2 days a week wooooweeeee! can't complain about that.

And Little Miss A has been ill with a throat infection so I have been looking after the little temperamental madam. It has been a tiring week.

But yes I am excited about going back to work and the people seem lovely and the company is interesting so 2 of my 'must' boxes for a job were ticked.

This is the butterfly cake I made for Little Miss A's 2nd birthday party on Sunday. Not too bad and it tasted delicious.


  1. awwww thats a super cake and happy birthday for saturday to your little girl, sorry to hear she has been poorly. Congratulations on the job good luck, Dee ;-)

  2. Sucha cute cake and great news too :)
    Have a relaxing weekend!