Sunday, January 2, 2011

High, high waist

There are 2 items of clothing I am always on the look out for; a fabulous fitting denim skirt and black skirt. On New Years day I found my favourite denim skirt and have been wearing it ever since, well it just goes with everything and when you discover you fit into a 26 inch waist ANYTHING you just have to flaunt it.

I can stand and jump in it, sit and twirl but after a meal it starts to feel a teeny bit tight...smaller meals then.

The detail is great as well. I am not one for over accessorising, I tend to keep things pretty simple so a built in belt is perfect...and it has pockets! ding ding ding, flashing lights, rushing heart rate!

Skirt: Vintage Garage (label: Gollan, couldn't find out any information about them online)
Top: Cheap shop in my local shopping mall
Shoes: Retro Star sale


  1. Cute skirt!Great shape & length & very flattering too:)
    Hope you had a fab christmas & new years & i hope 2011 is a fantastic year for you & your family.
    Still lovin those shoes,they are just perfect!

  2. A happy new year to you and yours as well Mrs Cleaver xxx