Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Humidity, heat, insects and floods

Humidity is my hair's enemy, it frizzes and flicks and well I just give up, pin it back and forget about it.

The weather in Melbourne has become so inclement that you can't walk very far before you begin to sweat uncontrollably and want to have a shower every hour. That might just be my intolerance of this weather but I really don't enjoy it.

This moaning however is really quite shallow when I see footage on the news of my home town Brisbane flooding, the worst flooding since 1974 (or even worse). The Brisbane river which runs right through the city has burst its banks and friends are keeping an eye on the levels in case they have to evacuate.

It is such an odd feeling seeing a city you are so familiar with and see the streets that you know so well in such danger of being devastated. I hope people stay safe and it stops raining!!!!

This song just reminds me of Brisbane, a wonderful song and a brilliant band.

To lighten the mood this little praying mantis made its way into our kitchen, he didn't like the wet weather much either. He's lucky he doesn't have my hair!

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