Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011

I always look forward to a new year, I don't like seeing in the year at midnight or make resolutions but I look forward to new adventures, learning new skills and the possibilities another year holds.


I hope your year has started out well...I'm pleased to be leaving 2010 behind only because I received a parking ticket on the last day of the year poo! poo! to you parking attendant.

However only 16 hours into 2011 and it is looking good: our local supermarket is selling their Christmas eggnog for 10c a carton Yippee!

Dress: Pop Boutique many years ago


  1. Happy New Year! May this one be devoid of parking tickets and other unpleasantries but full of happiness! ;)

  2. Thank you and to you as well, it is going to be a great year xx