Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kitschy skirts

Little Miss A also wore a top with Miffy Bun - I just love puff paint and so much cheaper than buying the overpriced merchandise.

So here are the kitschy skirts I made for Australia Day - surfboards galore!
Little Miss A's was just a simple skirt with elastic but I wanted mine to have a bit more shape with a waistband and pleats.

I didn't follow a pattern so the finished skirt may look good on the outside but the fastenings at the back is pretty poor. But I now know how to rectify the problems and my next task is to practice button holes on my sewing machine.

I don't usually walk around with no shoes but I wanted to take one last photo before the sun went down.

I enjoyed making these skirts as much as I did wearing mine; the material was loud and kitsch but that is what I wanted. I look forward to more experimenting.


  1. The two of you look adorable!
    Perfect kitch fabric :D

  2. Thank you - I felt very conspicuous but kept my head up and carried it off I think ^U^