Thursday, February 10, 2011

What difference does it make?

A no shoe day at home. Little Miss A was painting so I didn't want to get any on my shoes. And so as you do, I drew some shoes on my once bare feet.

I received in the post yesterday a little brooch I bought from Deerfield Vintage Collection. An early Valentines present to myself. I don't fall for all the gumph (and neither does Mr Ed) around Valentines Day but I needed an excuse for this little purchase.

I'm feeling the spots and stripes combination today on one of my days off of work. I love working 2 days a week and appreciate everyday I can potter around the house either with Little Miss A or by myself.

This afternoon I am going to pick up my newly fixed photo of Morrissey which sadly fell to the floor and smashed recently.

This is the photo which is signed by Kevin Cummins and one of my favourite and prized pictures on our walls.

Mozza you will once again grace our walls and bring a sense of maudlin and witt xxx

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