Friday, June 7, 2013

Novelty Brooch Friday - second chance in June

 First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU! To everyone who entered Novelty Brooch Friday last week and those of you who missed out last week but are looking forward to entering today and next Friday!!  

Erin and I were so excited with the response and are so looking forward to seeing what you have to show us this Friday.

I wanted to share with you what got me interested in brooches, it was the humble badge, I love badges and would wear them a lot and I have so many I have given Little Miss A the majority of my collection. 

 This is a just a smidgen of the badges I have (the rest are under Little Miss A's bed, she is asleep at the moment and I don't want to wake her)

But it was this Lea Stein brooch from Mr Ed about 9 years ago that I began to collect brooches and love the different designs, shapes and materials.

Isn't she lovely

So.....if you haven't heard about Novelty Brooch Friday let me tell you!......

Erin from The Fawn Times and I met on Instagram through our love of brooches and from there we started posting photos of ourselves on a Friday with a favourite brooch.  With a little prompting from Kirsten from Each To Own we decided to develop the idea and include a giveaway from either a designer of brooches or a seller of vintage brooches and do a little interview and taa! daa! it was born.

This month you can win this little cutie pie fawn brooch, find out more about the lady, behind the brooch, behind the company Each To Own here.

 So to enter the competition just post a picture of yourself on Instagram with your favourite brooch, entries can be submitted on any Friday from now up to and including 21st June with the hash tag #noveltybroochfriday and we will announce the winner (randomly chosen) on Monday 24th June. Open to everyone, you can enter as many times as you like either new or vintage brooches.

Each month Erin and I will take it in turns to showcase those sellers of vintage brooches and designers we admire and love to wear ourselves.
*If you are a designer or sell vintage brooches and wish to donate a brooch for an upcoming month and have your shop showcased, please contact me at


  1. Love your badge collection and think it's so lovely Miss A is now their owner. I use to collect a few badges back in the day too. :)

    Sadly, in all my packing/travelling yesterday I forgot to wear a brooch! :(

    1. Thanks Teresa,
      I still like wearing them and it is nice that Amelie does as well :) x

  2. Hubby collects badges, I collect brooches. I adore that one you are wearing! I am also loving novelty brooch Friday - a good excuse to break out my slightly quirkier brooches.

    1. Yeah I think I've graduated ^=^ so pleased you're enjoying Novelty Brooch Friday as much as me x