Monday, June 3, 2013

Sydney - Art Deco buildings, vintage shopping and work

I have been MIA recently, working in Sydney and had a wonderful time even though the only free time I had was from 3pm every day.  (Unfortunately I forgot my camera so most of these photos are from my phone).

  The view of the city on my walk to work everyday
I have been to Sydney twice before, back in the early 1990s for long weekends (the first was to see Primal Scream in 1992 and the other was to see a Manga exhibition - back in those days not many exciting things happened in my home town so we had to travel 13 hours in a car to see anything decent).

So when my work asked if I was interested in representing them at an education EXPO for 4 days in Sydney I put my hand up ME! ME! PLEEEEAAASE - Woo Hoo!  Work was boring so I won't go into that but at the end of each day I walked everywhere and just loved the architecture of Surrey Hills - the Art Deco buildings were stunning and I almost fell into a few puddles and drains straining my neck looking up at their beauty.

Unfortunately all of the photos I took of the Deco buldings refuse to rotate and so this building was the only one I could post - I'm loving the paint work!

Bec from Black Swans Pond tipped me off as to where the Sydney Antique Centre was and I actually became a little catatonic at the size and brilliance of it all and got a headache - but I powered on through the many stalls and found a few items that I fell in love with.

 Unfortunately this beauty was too expensive - isn't she divine!

I was also just down the road from Crown Street and a little cluster of vintage shops where I happened across a few more beauties at Strawberry Fields Vintage and met by coincidence someone that used to work for Pop Boutique as did I in the UK, how small the world is.  And I got a fab scarf for free just 'cause we knew the same people.

 Lovely scarf I picked up at Strawberry Fields Vintage 

I so wish to go back again but next time for a week, no work, and enjoy it with Mr Ed.

 2 purchases - This hat is pure scultpure and pom pom collar aaahhhh


  1. Ooooh! Your pom pom collar is the most adorable thing ever and so perfect for winter!

    I haven't been to Sydney in years. Not since I left Canberra which is over 6 years ago now… gosh time flies!

    1. I think I hit the jackpot where I was staying in Surrey Hills - so many great shops, cafe's and restaurants - I really want to go back and take a week to just walk around. If you get the chance visit as I'm sure it has changed a lot in 6 years :)

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