Friday, October 22, 2010

Craft hatch this Saturday!

Craft Hatch is having a super duper, big craft market at the State Library this Saturday 23rd October.

Bags by Minnt Design

I might just have to purchase one of these little cute bags...

Crocheted homewares by Teddy Bears Wednesday

and one of these little cuties.


  1. Oh what cute little teddies!I love bears,i'll have to have a squizz at the site:)
    Hi there,i found your blog through Andi's, nice to meet you:)I'm always happy to find another Aussie blog to read

  2. Hello Mrs Cleaver,
    Yes those little bears were as cute in real life as they were in this photo, will have to save up for one or two of those little cuties. Glad you like dropping by.