Monday, October 18, 2010

Dinner planning

I've decided to plan our dinners for the week. I tried this a few months ago with no success but this time I think I'll stick to it.

So this morning I've been looking through some old cooking books and magazines and my menu plan is all worked out. Now I'm off to the shop with little A to buy all the ingredients that won't go off by the time I get to cook them.

Monday: Broccoli and ricotta cannelloni with salad
Tuesday: Vegetable moussaka
Wednesday: Salmon with quinoa tabbouleh
Thursday: Pea and feta fritters with cous cous
Friday: French lentils with roast beetroot, pumpkin and goats cheese

Top: Genki
Cardigan: Savers
Skirt: Peta Pledger
Shoes: Rubi Shoes


  1. I love your skirt. I keep looking at the same one longingly on Etsy - love the way you've styled it :)

  2. I love this skirt as well, and the designer is from Melbourne so I see a lot of her clothes in all the local shops - I wait for the sales then swoop ^U^