Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sewing a uniform

I've been sewing on and off now for about 5 years, nothing big just soft toys, patchwork quilts for friends who have new babies (there are a lot!) but nothing that requires me to follow a pattern. Last week I purchased an original 1950's pattern from eBay

It is in the style of the Swirl dress, the Swirl dress has an interesting history and I only recently discovered I own a Swirl dress!!! And from what I can work out it is an original from the 50's.

Anyway the pattern is yet to arrive but once it does I'm on a mission to find some nice cheap fabric to plod my way through the pattern, no short cuts, and follow it precisely - I have a tendency to want to take shortcuts.

If it turns out well, I may have to make it in many different fabrics and make it my uniform - long sleeve for winter and short for summer. I love the idea that you can find a shape and style that suits your body and tweak it - think Armani, Einstein, Warhol...

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