Friday, October 15, 2010

New scarf, rainy weather

I bought a new scarf from Shag yesterday while taking my daughter for a walk along Brunswick Street and a visit to a cafe (which she loves). I must say it was between a scarf that had horses on it or this one with butterflies. Leaving it up to my daughter to make the decision she chose the butterfly scarf of course.

Unfortunately it is so silky it is hard to use in the hair without bobby pins but with the weather being so humid my hair tends to frizz and the scarf keeps it tamed.

It needs a good iron but that can wait until tomorrow.


  1. Hi there..just dropped by before going to work. It is Friday, isn't it....?! Beautiful scarf, I love butterflies and it looks great on. See you soon.xx

  2. Hi Ivy Black,
    Thank you for your comment ^U^ I might make it a habbit to start collecting butterfly scarves.
    Have a great weekend.