Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunny colours, rainy days

Spring seems to have left us again, more grey skies and rain to come, which is a great shame as I have some wonderful summer dresses I would love to wear...NOW!

I suffered the cold for a little while this morning and put on a new dress I purchased from Etsy shop Secondhand Addiction (I felt like being bright and colourful). This dress is a great fit and even though it is probably from the 80's I love it's vintage feel.

The belt I bought from an amazing vintage shop in Melbourne called Vintage Garage, I popped along to check it out after reading Andi B. Goode's blog and she was right, this place is huge! You know sometimes when you enter a shop and you see so many things you want to look at you become a little catatonic??? No? Oh well, this does happen to me on the vary rare occasion but I just didn't know where to look first. Concession after concession of amazing clothes and accessories. I also bought a lovely dress which I'll wear when the weather gets a little warmer.

Please sun come out again.

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