Monday, October 25, 2010

A fringe trim

I cut my fringe myself, I have been a little over zealous at times, and recently as you might be able to see I am growing out the sides as I cut too much (much to the dismay of my hairdresser). Still, if I went to the hairdresser every time I wanted to have my fringe trimmed I'd be in there every week.

I have been looking at a few Blythe images on Flickr and came across this one, for some reason I thought it looked a little like me?? Or maybe it is my subconscious wish to look like a Blythe doll - those dolls are so darn cute and some of the outfits people dress them in are just divine.

Image: Miss Mippy

Oh and Enid from Ghost World would have to come in equal first place for coolest doll.

Cardigan: Savers


  1. I'd love a Blythe doll. But that Enid doll! Eep! Do want.
    -Andi x

  2. I'd love a Blythe doll as well and the Enid doll - I might have to make some loud hints for Christmas ^U^