Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas cards all made and sent

This is our Christmas card this year.

I always like to make them, it is often cheaper and makes not receiving ANOTHER bog standard Christmas card in the post a little more special.

Instead of using the Gocco printer I decided to make a lino print.

As inspiration for the image I scoured the Internet for 1950's inspired Christmas images, this is what I came up with - Rudolph, instead of the typical snow related image which just doesn't seem right in our hot climate.


  1. That is so lovely and your right so much nicer than a shop bought one. Have a lovely week. Dee ;-) x

  2. Love it. My hadnmade cards invole lots of glue stains and glitter. Rudolph with his nose held high is just brilliant! :)

  3. Thanks, it is a lot of fun making them ^U^ and Rudolph is a better image than Father Christmas on a surfboard - yes a very common image here at Christmas.