Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas has arrived

We put our tree together on the weekend, well Little Miss A threw a bit of tinsel on and I fixed it all up in the evening. I'm pretty happy with it even though it doesn't have lights - we thought it best not to in case a little certain someone comes along and decides to pull it down.

The decorations we have had for a long time, although this year we bought some more baubles and bells.

I have been working on a little head band that I may wear on Christmas day. I just took apart some Christmas decorations, wired them all together, wound some ribbon around it and Vwalla!

I think it needs a little more work.


  1. tree looks lovely. And well done on your hair band thats going to look real cute and very festive ;-)

  2. Probably safest :)
    Very festive, especially your hair ornament :D

  3. Thank you both, don't know whether I will wear it, lets see what else I do with it and what I decide to wear on the day.
    I hope you both are having a slightly warmer week ^U^