Monday, December 13, 2010

Tiki and hair dye terror

On the weekend there was a huge warehouse sale held by a Melbourne retro/vintage shop called Retro Star. Everything was $5 and $10!!! Needless to say I was there early on the first day and had another peep on the Sunday after the crowds had died down.

I purchased only 2 items for myself (I have learnt become very restrained when it comes to vintage as I look very carefully at the condition and some of the dresses were in poor condition with cigarette butt burns and rust stains), and 2 cowboy shirts for Mr Ed.

This dress was my favourite and in perfect condition, with every sequin in place!

I'm not a huge fan of Tiki design but this has a certain charm and muted palate.

And these shoes were a surprise, my size exactly and recently reheeled cuban heel dance shoes. Who would have thought I would have 2 pair of heels in my cupboard?

I can't wait for the next sale in 6 months - look out youngen's.

Oh and you might notice my hair colour has changed. This is supposed to be medium brown!!! Now this doesn't look like medium brown to me, more like ... almost black! Oh well I will just have to wait for it to grow out, I am getting used to it...slowly.

Dress: Retro Star (Label: Erika Dress)
Cardigan: Temt
Shoes: Retro Star
Belt: Oasis
Brooch: Borders (yeah really!)


  1. Oh i love those shoes,what a fab buy!The dress is lovely,really suits you,i like the little birdie too .I'm a sucker for animal & bird brooches.I actually quite like that hair colour on you,i think it looks good & it really brings out the colour in your eyes.

  2. Ooorrr thank you so much Mrs Cleaver. I haven't had my hair this dark since I was about 18 so that is many moons ago ^U^ I struck it very lucky at the sale.

  3. Great finds :) Awesome dress, love the colours and the print too.

    I am picky as well. When it comes to Etsy you sort of have to take your chances but in the real world I always check seams and search for faults.

  4. Yes I am so particular, I don't want to spend my money on a dress I soon find has a huge stain or hole that can't be fixed.

    Buttons missing or a seem that can be fixed are no problems, infact most handmade vintage dresses need a little more love and care when I bring them home.