Monday, December 6, 2010


I've had my eye on this pair of sandals for a good couple of weeks, wondering if I should spend that amount of money on a pair of shoes I might not be able to walk in.

Here are the little beauties: My clog sandals

The heel is only 5cm but it is a lot to me

You see I have never worn heels, I'm quite tall already so I didn't see any advantage to wearing heels. But today I went into the shop and they were half price so I tried them on and hey! I could walk in them!

And jump in them!

Remind me again why I was wearing so much clothing in 31 degrees!

Top: Dear Gladys
Skirt: Zara
Scarf: Thrifted
Hat: Dangerfield
Shoes: Rubi Shoes


  1. hehe I've been starting to get into clogs. At first I couldn't understnad why everybody loves them so much but a year later I am dying for a pair.. slowly, slowly the clog madness has seeped in to my brains :D Yours look lovely.

    Mind you, that blouse of yours is especially cute!

  2. For someone who never wears heels they are so comfy, like walking on tree stumps ^U^ I would recommend the clog, I'm a little behind on the fad as well.