Friday, December 3, 2010

Red through the rain

Another day of rain: run to the lane, take a few photos...

...and then the rain really came down!

Through the haze of tropical rain, I stood under a very small sill against the wall.

This is what I see if I don't have my glasses on: like looking through a haze of tropical rain.

I have started wearing this little hat I bought a while ago for $5. It won't protect me from the sun (we haven't seen much of the sun recently) but it keeps my hair from frizzing in this humid weather.

At the moment I have a black scarf covering the permanent checkerboard material around the crown. This won't do for too much longer so I plan to make a trip to the haberdashery to by some felt and maybe make some leaves like the ones on this wonderful hat I am starting to get hat envy, there are so many cute hats out there.

Dress: Vintage Garage
Cardigan: Savers
Belt: Oasis
Hat: Dangerfield
Scarf: Pop Boutique
Shoes: KMart

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