Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello! Goodbye. Shoes

Yesterday I checked out a vintage shop I had never been to called Lost + Found Market. I only discovered it after complimenting a girl in a shop on her lovely novelty pattern skirt. I like to compliment people on their clothes if I like them, I know it makes people feel good and it makes me feel good if someone bothers to voice their admiration.

This place is great, inside it is set out in separate concessions varying from clothes, shoes, jewellery, furniture, crockery, magazines, you name it they will probably have it, I spent a little too long in there and my parking ticket ran out but luckily there were no parking inspectors on the beat.

Oh and I bought these lovely men's Italian leather shoes. I find it quite hard to find vintage shoes in my size - I have quite big feet. These are in great condition, with a slight heel. They are probably not best for the sort of weather we are going to be experiencing this season but they will be ready to go when Autumn arrives.

I bought these Tatty Divine earrings a while ago but as you never see my ears these days I thought they might look good on my collars.

If I were ever to get a tattoo (which I toss up every year or so and then decide against it) I would like to get a little blue bird like this.

Hello and goodbye shoes, until the weather gets cooler.

Dress: Etsy (in a previous post)
Shoes: Lost + Found Market Label: Calzaturificio di Varese
Earrings as brooches: Tatty Divine


  1. Ooo nice shoes!Lovely colour.
    I love the earrings as brooches that's such a great idea:)

  2. you look great...i love the blue bird brooch thats really sweet. dee ;-)

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  4. My Mom always says if you like something say so, so every once in a while I summon the courage to tell completely strangers I love what they're wearing too. Although occasionally shyness gets the better of me ;)

    (accidental double post)