Sunday, December 5, 2010

A morning at the convent

Yesterday was a very hot day (31 degrees) so we headed out early to buy a Christmas tree and some new decorations (I'll take some photos of our little tree and show you soon, it's so cute).

Then for morning tea at Abbotsford Convent and a 'chino' as Little Miss A calls it.

The convent is no longer a functioning convent but now houses many artists studios, a school and a few cafe's.

*Damn, forgot to take a photo of the building

The grounds owned by the convent are what you would describe as part cultivated, part rustic in that it is left to its own devises which I like.

This dress is a very simple design and again handmade (not by me).

Family portrait in the gazebo.
Isn't it great when there are places to rest your camera for the timer that are at a decent height.

Dress: Pocket Vintage Clothing Etsy Shop
Cardigan: Gorman
Belt: Supre
Hat: Dangerfield
Shoes: KMart


  1. Sweet dress and such a lovely photo of the three of you :)

  2. aww your little girl is soooo cute bless her love her clothes. And your dress is lovely to, you have a good look there going on. The convent sounds like a great place for a walk a round. Dee ;-)

  3. Thank you Shallow Mallow

    Delia, yes that little kilt I bought the other day for only $4 - 100% wool and made in Scotland, how it made its way to Melbourne is something I wondered about - the secret lives of clothes ^U^

  4. Oh isn't your little girl adorable?!Luv the pics & the dress:)