Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've ventured outside

So on the day I decide to venture out to take a few pictures it decides to rain hard and all morning. But as I saw a clearing I dashed out the front door and across the road to a little alley, which happened to have a torrent flowing down it.

My shoes filled with water, time for a new pair of shoes.

And a new umbrella, one of the spokes broke during one of my frenzy's to get it up.

The lavender is really coming on in our front garden. I have been beheading the flowers and it has made a huge difference to it's size and the amount of flowers it produces, and the butterflies it attracts.

I don't think I can make that many lavender pouches?

These little flowers have also been popping up and covering the front garden, if only the newspaper man wouldn't use them as a target every morning.

I love this denim jacket, it is one of the most expensive items I have bought!!! Yes!? I bought it about 8 years ago at the Levis store in London and it cost me £120. I had a well paid job at the time but even so, I felt very guilty afterwards.

Dress: Cassie's Attic (label: Altogether)
Jacket: Levis
Scarf: TopShop
Shoes: KMart (got to go)
Umbrella: ? (got to go)
Badge: The Gentle Waves (bought it at a gig years ago, didn't think much of the show but I liked the badge)

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  1. Love your outfit and that first picture is especially pretty :)