Sunday, November 28, 2010

And the heavens have opened

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It has been raining on and off for the past two days and cold! Not as cold as Europe of course but a cool 15 degrees which feels cold after experiencing 34 degrees last week.

Today we took Little Miss A to her music performance, now she is just shy of 2 years old so this is a pretty basic performance but it gave Mr Ed a chance to see what she has been learning this past year.

So we get up on stage with 9 other 'almost' 2 year olds and their mothers and she decides she is tired and doesn't want to play nice (it is right in the middle of her sleep time) so I start to go red and sweat and well I hate being on display in front of a bunch of people. Thankfully she cooperated and my beetroot face cooperated, we bowed and exited stage left.

Dress: Pocket Vintage Clothing Etsy shop

A great little 70's dress I recently received in the post, and thankfully the weather got a little cooler so I could wear it straight away.

Scarf: Kinki Gerlinki

Hat: Dangerfield

Boots: Clarks

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  1. :) I embarrassed my Mom big time during my first kindergarten performance. I kept yawning all the way through, made me look very disinterested :D

    Love the pic!