Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another handmade gem

This little dress is so sweet although every time I put it on I think, do I look like a school girl? It is handmade and there are so many things good about it and so many that are, not so good.

Some of the detailing is lovely like the button panel down the front.

The shape of the collar at the back and the little...I don't know what you would call it?...panel on the back, and the material. But some of the sewing looks like it has been hastily sewn together at the last minute so I had to do a bit of mending.

That's what you get when you buy vintage dresses that are handmade, but I think it is worth the purchase because you know someone took time to sit down and make a dress for themselves or a loved one. They will never know that someone appreciates all their effort.

Dress: Retro Star
Cardigan: Temt
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Rubi Shoes


  1. Hey schoogirl! Lovely dress :) I wish my sewing skills were sufficient to pull off more than the most minor repairs.

  2. Well it seems like your knitting skills are pretty good! I can only knit with straight needles ^U^

  3. What a sweet dress!I can see what your saying about the school girl thing but it's such a lovely dress you can get away with it,it looks less school girly without the cardigan.
    I love handmade vintage for the same sort of reasons:)

  4. I think you're right Mrs Cleaver - I'm going to wait for the warmer weather to sans-cardigan ^U^