Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot days hybernation

My arm seems to be miraculously appearing or disappearing

So it is another stinking hot day and I'm not venturing outside to do anything let alone jump, which is a shame as I planned to go for a walk and chose another background for my photos.

So today the photo is just from the waist up. This little dress I bought a while ago but never had the nerve to wear it as I don't like wearing figure hugging dresses. But it is so hot, and well, I have been going to the gym so I think I've lost a little from the hips - yay for the gym!!! It is a great dress; 1980's does a bit 1940's? And the print is so cute and once again ... it has pockets!!!

Not that the pockets prevented me from leaving my keys in the car and shutting the door with Little Miss A inside this morning!!! I always put my keys in my pocket but forgot this dress had them. So a quick and panicy phone call to roadside assistance and within 7 minutes a man kindly coat-hangered my door open and tar-daaaa! My awful episode of the week was over. Last weeks awful episode was that I walked into a metal part of a children's playground (not seeing it through my big floppy hat) and whacked the bridge of my nose...bring on next weeks accident.

Dress: Thrifted


  1. Oh my, that sounds like a mind wracking seven minutes. Accidents always come in threes - one to go and you're done for the summer! ;)

    Love the dress :) Cute print, super cute - watchamacallthem? sleeve strings? :)
    Looks great on you!

  2. Yes I'm waiting for the 3rd but I'm on guard so fate is on my side ^U^

    I like the watchamacallthem as well, thanks.