Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coffee in any weather - 32 degrees

I'll drink coffee in any sort of weather and I love having a small shot of coffee in the morning when Little Miss A is having a nap. I accompany it with either some chocolate or homemade muffins, today was blueberry, banana and walnut muffins. This cup is actually Little Miss A's but I've claimed it, it makes me smile.

It is very windy today and was blowing my dress in all the wrong places

This dress is nice and light and one of my favourite patterns - gingham. It has little ties at the front...

...and back.

Dress: Retro Star (Label: 'Three Heart' with some Chinese writing underneath)


  1. pretty dress, enjoy the lovely weather its freezing here ;-) Dee

  2. Yes there was not much middle-ground on either side of the world this year. Stay warm ^U^

  3. hehe - I bet you don't cradle that cup like us in the Northern do at the moment though. ;)

    Coffee is great whatever weather. I love a cup of hot lava java (or ten).

    Cute dress. Love that it has a tie front and back :)